League Manager

Why League Manager?

League Manager was developed with ease in mind. Our software automatically pulls API data and stores it in a database so that you can view, edit, or remove league information for years to come.

Easy to implement and use

We have local web hosting as well as packages that allow you to use League Manager on your own web hosting.

Owner Dashboard

Manage teams, divisions, seasons, schedules, game results, and so much more all from the League Manager Dashboard.

Access Data Anytime & Anywhere

From the day you create a team, their match results and player stats begin to record in our database. This data can be retrieved via web sites or API.

A Cost-Effective Solution

We offer various affordable plans to assist you in your League or Team and will provide support for your league as long as you have an active license.

Benefits of League Manager

League Manager is not only easy to use, but its the only API management software available to anyone and everyone.

Technology Integration

League Manager retrieves live data from API Servers to ensure the most accurate and timely information.


Do you have a league for new gen and old gen? Different leagues in each console? You can do it all with League Manager.


League Management spend hours doing dauntless tasks and will now be able to focus on other aspects of the League.

Users of League Manager